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PACKitchen offers a wide selection of premium champagne, wine, and liquor to accompany your inflight meal.

When placing your, please be sure to include your liquor preferences in the order section of the form. Upon receipt, our team will connect with you to discuss any further needs.

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Turks & Tequila

Island-style tequila available exclusively in the Turks & Caicos islands.

Enjoy a bottle of this beautifully crafted agave tequila. Order one for your flight home, or have one waiting at the FBO to bring to your hotel or villa.

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We partner with a premier local florist who design gorgeous floral arrangements to elevate your inflight dining experience.

Arrangements can be ordered in a variety of sizes and may also be customized to celebrate special occasions. Please note your floral requests on the special instructions field of our order form.

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